Cohaesive x FYi: The Origin Story

Cohaesive was hatched out of an internal R&D project at FYi. Asking ourselves.. what if... we could come up with a better solution to cord management in technical outerwear? As garment designers we knew cord management was the least developed, and weakest element in technical outerwear construction. What if we could improve the user experience and improve the construction process at the same time? What if we could bond the hardware directly to the textile? What if it was elegant and streamlined and integrated ...and sophisticated. We got to work.

We knew to really innovate we had to commercialize the installation process, and provide the factories the tools for a turn-key process, so we did that. To raise the bar we would need to create a new supply chain to the industry, so we set that up too. We knew we were onto something, so we filed for patents. After years of working in the background, we finally launched Cohaesive in 2014 as new supply chain to a better solution.

Today, Cohaesive has become a defining element of the premium technical apparel landscape. And FYi and Cohaesive still collaborate on the design & development of Cohaesive components. Supporting a totally vertical process from design inception to the supply chain delivering to the factory. This isn't just a collaboration.. this is the origin story of innovation driving the creation of a company, as the means to bring real innovation to the industry. Cohaesive x FYi.

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