Yuske Hirota – Mount Waddington

Yuske-san just returned from leading a climb-and-ride of the NW ridge of Mount Waddington (4019m / 13,186 ft). One of the biggest challenges of Waddington is the remoteness of the location. The group flew in and glacier camped for 6 days. After multiple attempts, they finally bagged the peak by departing at 2a.m. and climbing for 13 hours on the ascent.

The group included Chikako Hyashi, Todd Sekine, and Shuichi Ozawa.

Mount Waddington is a special accomplishment in the Coast Range, due to both the technical difficulty and it’s location. They were very lucky for both the weather and the snow conditions! Upon return the crew camped out at FYi, before disbanding to head home.

In Canada that’s what we call ‘Gett’ner Done!’

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