T. Sims

I first rode with Tom in 1985, at age 15. That was a pivotal time in my life, where everything i’ve done since has been related. Tom was such a huge influence on the entire first generation of rippers. It was a shock to get the news of his departure. I dropped in on him last year in SB, and spent some time rummaging through old decks in his shop. We talked about past trips, and scoped lines on Google Earth. He was as stoked as he’s always been. I offered to take him on our annual pilgrimage to Baldface Lodge last season, as payback for all his support in the early years. He had a schedule conflict and wasn’t able to make it.. Ironically that same session, Jake arrived with the family to celebrate his recovery from his brush with cancer. Savina, Olivia and Buff were all there too. Now I really wish Tom had made that trip. Would have been something to bookend both sides of 27 years of riding. Not to mention having both of the OG’s, and Craig’s wife and daughter, all at a place like Baldface at the same time. As it is, at least I got to see him with his avocado’s. -Tom Routh

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