[ak] underground – Dave Basterrechea

a.k.a. daveB!

alias: cheetah dave
perspective: goofy foot
orientation: 15 degrees front, -7 degrees back
mileage: dropping in since 1987
co-conspirator: Vanessa Stark
favorite snack: V’s Energy Balls
format: 2-stroke
favorite color: ski-doo
preference: big mountain gnar
motto: get’er done!
dis-likes: heli-stress
income: owner of Cheetah Factory Racing

CFR makes the rack systems 95% of backcountry snomo-skiers and boarders use to mount their boards on their sleds. Dave has been building these racks for years now, and they are pretty much bullet-proof. Mounting your board on your sled takes a lot of weight off your back, and allows you to thread through tight trees that your board would hang up on; if you were carrying it horizontal on your back. The racks are crucial for serious sled access riding.
Cheetah Dave is a big mtn. ripper that slipped over the border and set up shop in Pemberton.. and never looked back.
Always gett’ner done… and always late for dinner.

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