2012 Patagonia Nano Puff Hybrid

The Nano Puff Hybrid is the go-to garment for next winter. The FYi built prototype is shown lookers right above, with the Orange production counter-sample sitting next to it. The Puff Hybrid wasn’t even part of our design workload for the season – we simply designed and built what we most like to wear on a day to day basis in the Coast Range. The idea is to have the Primaloft insulation protecting your core, with R2 fleece everywhere else. The insulation value of both are about the same when covered with a shell, however when you vent, the fleece drops most of its insulative value while the Primaloft doesn’t. Another way to say it is that wind goes through the fleece, while the quilted Primaloft blocks most of it. As such it behaves differently from a traditional fleece or a full Nano jacket. Stay tuned to Patagonia for more information.

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