The FYi Design Department is a vertical industrial design house; specializing in product development of technical outerwear, apparel, gloves, bags, backpacks and shoes.

It is essential to our process to work directly with the specific tools, materials and processes involved [to learn how to build] that which we intend to create.

We have assembled a world class development studio, loaded with the most powerful tools and machines.  By developing our design concepts in-house, we learn hands-on how to how to evolve the architecture of the end product.

To expand the technical horizon, we physically bend the rules of process.  Constantly pushing past the state of the art, to learn, adapt and find the path to commercial reality.  By mastering the crafts of the trade, we are able to alter construction constraints; thereby, changing the rules of design itself.

We strive for functional simplicity, wherein every element has multiple reasons for being.  Nothing is arbitrary.  Form and function become the same thing.  Aesthetic emerges from purpose. And design intent becomes clear and intuitive

Perfection is the point that an object becomes functional art, and a product becomes iconic.