FYi Landscaping

Well, it’s been an -epic- summer of industrial scale landscaping and property improvements at the future site of FYi Studio 2.0

We now have 20 acres cleared and cleaned up, and seeded for fall. We have a custom seed blend of Red Fescue / Hard Fescue / Sheep Fescue, with over 3000lbs. spread. With approx. 1.3 million seeds per 100lbs… that equals about 39 million seeds. And we’re not done yet..

The building site is prepped and ready. Water line is in. Septic system is in. Highway access and new driveway are in. We even have a new civic address; 1500 sea to sky highway! Much more to do still. But it’s nice to take pause and reflect on how much progress we have made in just over two years!

I’ll post a follow up October 20th with the ‘green’ pics. -TR

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