Baldface Lodge Day 1

Was dumping snow all day today and getting progressively deeper every run. We connected with Andrew Burke and Colin Alger from Burton. They flew from Burlington to Seattle, to catch a flight back to Spokane, to rent a car and drive to Nelson, to get picked up by a boat and then snowmobile for an hour to get to the snowcat…  while merely stopping en route to Asia for factory visits and product development meetings.. No cliche here, these guys are dropping in and working hardcore, and yes, testing product at Baldface really is part of the job.
All four of us are testing 2011 [ak] 2nd gen. protoypes, and making the final decisions and refinements for the 3rd gen. of development. We have a very compressed amount of time to really field test everything and make improvements. We are on-snow again tomorrow before they start reversing their moves back to Spokane, to continue on to Taiwan.


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