[ak] underground – Yoshinari Uemura

a.k.a UE!
perspective: left foot first.
orientation: 20 degrees front, -5 back @ 58cm
milage: started riding Supporo Japan in 1990
co-consipirator: Erina Uemura
favorite snack: gummies
format: 2-stroke
favorite color: arctic cat
preference: freeriding and mountain riding with a little freestyle mix
motto: ARIGATO!
dis-likes: negativity.
movie: Ue_snowboarder
Although, Ue-san usually looks like this on the mountain…
TR, SB, UE, HF in Hokkaido.
Here is the trailer for UE_Snowboarder. The first snowboard movie in Japan focused on just one rider. It’s comprised of footage from 1995-2007.

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