2011 Patagonia Super Alpine Jacket

The first season of the collaborative design and development efforts of FYi and Patagonia will be hitting retail next month. The 2011 Super Alpine represents the pinnacle of Gore-tex outerwear construction in the form of an Alpine Climbing jacket. We pushed the limits of virtually every construction detail, and then distilled everything down to the simplest possible execution. Fit and ergo’s were also the focus of exceptional effort.

We patterned and built the first generation prototypes in-house at FYi. Followed by multiple development trips between Pemberton and Ventura. We even traveled to Viet Nam with members of the Patagonia design and development team to introduce and help commercialize all the details for production at the factory. Full props to the entire FYi/Patagonia development team for all the hard work that went into achieving one of the best garments to hit the market in years!

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