Who engineers and builds the finest espresso machines in the world?

Kees van der Westen.
His 2nd generation ‘Speedster’ is pretty much the most advanced tool yet conceived for pulling state of the art espresso. Just read the review by Mark Prince over at Personally, I find the aesthetic design a bit over-the-top. I always favor a clean elegant-industrial look over elements bordering on decorative. However, the design of the Speedster is still much more thought out and refined than the LaMarzocca GS/3, which is really the only other truly world class machine for home use currently available (both require a 2nd mortgage to acquire as well). I do think I would like it even more with a few things taken away,  although…      that’s kind of like criticizing a Pagani Zonda for being over-designed. It’s a work of art by a true innovator and craftsman.  -TR

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