Studio 2.0

Studio 2.0 Mega-post

Have been too busy to post for quite awhile… Here is a photo-bomb of the latest progress on the new studio!  More to come soon. -TR

FYi studio 2.0 pro-gress.

A preview of a few construction details from the new studio build..

FYi Studio 2.0 – chapter 1

Official ground breaking! The process has finally begun. This time there will only be one prototype, and that will be the keeper. It took 3.5 years of site prep, clearing, landscaping, and design to get to this point. I’m pretty sure it will take another 3-4 years before we can say ‘we’re done’. Which will make this our longest running ‘project’ ever. A pic may be worth a thousand words.. to sum it up as a one word understatement… [epic]. -TR

FYi Studio 2.0 – The Big Ass Fan

The FYi Design Studio is spooling up on the design of the new FYi Studio. Step #1; Buy a Big Ass Fan. Step #2 design and build a build around it. We ordered a custom Isis with Walnut blades. With ‘just’ a 12 foot (3 meter) wingspan, this is actually a small Big Ass Fan. The really big fans are more than twice that size(!) The Isis in my opinion is industrial art. The perfect blend of industrial function and aesthetic elegance.. This is literally the first component of the project, and sets the tone for everything to follow. Will post some renderings soon once we finalize a few more details. -TR

FYi Landscaping 2

Ok, finally posting some ‘after’ shots.. after 2.5 years of clearing and landscaping! There is nothing better than watching grass grow. And even better when you have 39 million sprouts at once! You can follow the progression by selecting the studio 2.0 tag, although I noticed we lost some of the early posts when we migrated to our new site. I will have to go back and repost the full jungle ‘before’ pics from the very beginning as soon as I can find time.. you couldn’t even bushwhack through when we started, and we’re now ready to give our two local golf courses some competition!


FYi Landscaping

Well, it’s been an -epic- summer of industrial scale landscaping and property improvements at the future site of FYi Studio 2.0

We now have 20 acres cleared and cleaned up, and seeded for fall. We have a custom seed blend of Red Fescue / Hard Fescue / Sheep Fescue, with over 3000lbs. spread. With approx. 1.3 million seeds per 100lbs… that equals about 39 million seeds. And we’re not done yet..

The building site is prepped and ready. Water line is in. Septic system is in. Highway access and new driveway are in. We even have a new civic address; 1500 sea to sky highway! Much more to do still. But it’s nice to take pause and reflect on how much progress we have made in just over two years!

I’ll post a follow up October 20th with the ‘green’ pics. -TR

Tonka Toys

Developing land is easy. You just need one of these, and one of these, and one of these… and a few other things.

Remember when you were 5 yrs old., and you thought heavy equipment was the coolest thing ever.. ?
It is. Real toys for big boys.

FYi motocross

Well, the snow is starting to fly in the alpine, and the 2010 moto season has officially closed in the great north. The FYi motocross track rough in is 50% complete. Already looking forward to next spring..


FYi Studio 2.0 – sprouts

The future site of the FYi studio finally sprouts..

Nothing better than watching the grass grow.


FYi Mobile Headquarters

FYi has recently gone mobile with the Airstream 23D International. This is American retro-iconic design at it’s best. An 80 year old company, that still hand-builds each Airstream in a small town in Ohio. There really is nothing else like it..

Interior design by CCD

We picked up our coach at Airstream of Spokane, and then ventured back through the North Cascades on our way back to B.C.

Back in Pemby, we docked for the long weekend to moto and work on the site of studio 2.0

FYi Studio 2.0

Progression continues on the site of the next generation design studio for FYi. The site is over 30 acres.. which makes the clearing and landscaping industrial in scale. So far we have harvested over 20 truck loads of huge cottonwood trees, and there are still many more to go.
Will be posting updates as we go. It’s a huge project, and it will be fun to look back on the progression as it develops.
It should be looking -really- good by this time next year!