Whitecap 2014

Team Riff-Raff mobbed deep, at Whitecap Lodge this year. This was supposed to be a heli-assisted touring trip, but the proverbial greybird prevailed again(!) At least this time it brought about 50cm of fresh to go with the low visibility. Snow quality was excellent, and there was nothing to do but work for it. This lodge is practically spitting distance from the original FYi studio – yet it took me 10yrs to get in for a look and walk-about. Mcgilvery lodge would make MacGyver proud – amazing that everything worked! -TR

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.05.18 PM

TYAX 2014

This years designer shred session landed at Tyax Lodge, just north of Pemberton. The crew wanted to experience something different from the last few seasons of epic tree jibbing in the Baldface POW-park. So we decided to go for a heli trip in the sized up terrain, where the north end of the Coast Range meets the south end of the Chilcotin Range. We were lucky enough to get good snow just-in-time for the trip. However visibility proved to be a challenge.The proverbial greybird prevailed, however that didn’t stop us from having a great time. Super fun crew this year. Already looking forward to the next adventure. -TR



Craig’s new cross…

I had to update this post from a couple weeks ago.. After posting I received a note from Live Metal Studio, that created this appropriately symbolic piece of art in Craig Kelly’s memory. The new memorial cross is a super cool design, all made in metal. The hatch at the base has a perpetual bottle of black label inside for those paying their respects. There couldn’t be a more suitable memorial, in a more suitable location, anywhere on the planet. Nice work Live Metal Studio!

Also a new tribute video produced for the Ultranatural at Baldface, that just aired last week. -TR

Tom Sims Retro World Championships

30 Years ago the first Snowboarding World Championships was held at Soda Springs in Tahoe. That was also the event that Tom Sims built the first [snow] halfpipe ever. Last weekend was the 30 yr. anniversary of that event, which was marked by the Tom Sims Retro World Championships! Legends came out of the woodwork including; Jeff Fulton, Scott Clum, Terry Kidwell, Chris Roach, Scott Downey, Bob Klein, Kevin Delaney, Keith Kimmel, Evan Feen, Shawn Farmer, Dennis Nazari, Mike Chantrey, even Dave Weaver ..and more. I used to travel, ride and compete with these guys. We all shared the first chapter of snowboarding together. We took it for granted at the time, but I think we all realize now how great it was to be part of something that really redefined who we are. Snowboarding literally changed our lives. We had a fantastic weekend, recreating the Super G and ditch,err I mean halfpipe of 30 yrs ago. A bunch of old guys charging on 25-30 year old equipment! (Imagine going 50mph on 30yr old plastic bindings that broke a lot when they were new!!) The event also marked the on-snow memorial for Tom Sims. He would have been stoked on the turn-out and all the old Sims boards put back into action in his honor. [Thanks Tom!]
-Tom Routh

Baldface 2013 session 2

Photobomb #2 from session #2 @ Baldface Lodge B.C., 2013!

Baldface 2013 Session 1

Another epic session at Baldface Lodge this year. A few pics are in order..

Mt. Baker Banked Slalom

Mt. Baker is the hub of snowboarding, and the Legendary Banked Slalom is hands down the most soulful contest there is. That’s about all I need to say about that. -TR

Craig Kelly Memorial Reunion

A few pics from the C.K. reunion at Mt. Baker Washington this weekend. Fantastic gathering of many pioneers and legends that all contributed to what snowboarding has become today. BIG THANK YOU to Kelly Jo Legaz for being catalyst and organizer to make it happen. It’s been 10 years since Craig’s passing, and he’s still the life of the party. (group photo by A. Longstreth)

Coast Range Heli

We’ve had an amazing early season in the Coast Range, with the most snow in December in over 30 yrs. Having said that, it was time to pull the trigger on some rapid vertical gain this week. We jumped in with Coast Range Heli, in a Bell 407, and spent the day peak-bouncing the Pemberton Backcountry. Literally lifetimes worth of terrain in every direction. One stoplight and 200+ mountains. This is why we live here. -TR

T. Sims

I first rode with Tom in 1985, at age 15. That was a pivotal time in my life, where everything i’ve done since has been related. Tom was such a huge influence on the entire first generation of rippers. It was a shock to get the news of his departure. I dropped in on him last year in SB, and spent some time rummaging through old decks in his shop. We talked about past trips, and scoped lines on Google Earth. He was as stoked as he’s always been. I offered to take him on our annual pilgrimage to Baldface Lodge last season, as payback for all his support in the early years. He had a schedule conflict and wasn’t able to make it.. Ironically that same session, Jake arrived with the family to celebrate his recovery from his brush with cancer. Savina, Olivia and Buff were all there too. Now I really wish Tom had made that trip. Would have been something to bookend both sides of 27 years of riding. Not to mention having both of the OG’s, and Craig’s wife and daughter, all at a place like Baldface at the same time. As it is, at least I got to see him with his avocado’s. -Tom Routh

Bralorne B.C.

Had to post this; 1. it’s in our back yard. 2. check the AK pow grips in action. 3. the riding is sick.
Well done Stephan and Kazu! -TR

8 Mile

Spring has arrived. Although you wouldn’t know it around here. Over 100cm of fresh snow in the last week alone… with full winter conditions in the alpine.

Baldface 2012 – good times with good friends

Baldface 2012 – the new lodge


Windsurfing has been cancelled

Checking out for our annual Baldface tour of duty. Will report back eventually. -TR