The Pistachio Project – the 60/40 prototype

A sneak peak behind the FYi x S/Double 60/40 prototype. This has been an ‘art project’ on slow percolate for some time, playing around with our good friend Shawn Stussy. The S/DBL 60/40 is Shawn’s spin on the classic 60/40, mixed with modern materials and construction tech. Release date and availability (read very limited) are yet TBD. Contact Shawn at S/DBL to get on the list for more info.  -TR


Shawn just dropped his new Tokyo S/DOUBLE shop. Check it on his blog.. -TR

S/Double micro-shop

Shawn just opened his first micro-shop in Montecito. A tiny gallery in the back of a local Barber Shop.. the absolute antithesis of the ‘big box’. You just gotta love it. -TR

S/Double Montecito


Stand firm on Labor Day.


Shawn has been busy doing what he does best…

S/DBL 5/5 LTD T collection

Go to S/Double for more info..

Go to Shawn Stussy for more perspective..



…with your Man-drink.

S/Double Global Headquarters

Shawn Stussy has officially pushed the button to open the S/DBL online store! This is as ‘grass-roots’ authentic as it gets in todays world of power brokers and global brand vehicles. Check it out.
Great things in the pipeline.
Stay tuned.


Ha ha, Shawn has committed to a date AND time for his super-global-flagship-power-launch of S/DBL!
The pressure is on…

The S/Double project

A most interesting collaboration between the S/DOUBLE Corporation and the FYi Design Dept. Ltd. TM. Etc., company…

Design and development of something has commenced.
See Shawn for even more vague information.

Shawn Stussy’s Joint…

After a long-term sabbatical, Shawn has resurfaced back into the underground. He’s been quietly building a new design studio, and kicking around ideas purely for personal mandate.
The studio has a good vibe, and is fresh while at the same time full of history. SS is opening a new chapter, and it will be fun to see the studio evolve over the next few years..
I have to say; Shawn knows how to live life. I really admire his decision to check out of the rat race for the prime years of life with his family. It’s almost ‘un-American’, to step off the bus when on top of your game.. Easier said than actually done.
Check out the stacks of Shawn’s original surfboard shaping templates..

A new shaping room was the first build-out of the studio..

Shawn really lives by this mantra. He’s not trying to take over the world, or build an empire. He’s just doing his own thing. It doesn’t get anymore pure than that.
Huge respect.


Shawn Stussy’s new label; S/Double.
The S/Double site has yet to post, but you can check out Shawn’s blog.
Shawn has a classic, clean, and timeless style. Check out some of his goods..
Only available through S/Double’s new flagship store…
…which you can’t even find unless you know a guy that knows a guy.