The Overview Effect

A particularly inspiring video of the ‘big picture’. Every human on the planet needs to watch this and start connecting the dots.

Darpa Sand Flea

This is crazy cool tech, errr, or it would be if it wasn’t developed for military use. Wouldn’t be too stoked to have one of these with A.I. hunting you. Gotta wonder where all the weaponized robotics and drone tech is going to end up in the future. Are we literally setting a path for machines to take over? ‘Skynet’ may be inevitable.


Had to post this. Epic little video. Enjoy.  -TR

Pemberton B.C. Skate Park

Pemberton has just completed construction of a public skatepark.
A very progressive move for a small town with one stoplight.
Grand opening this Saturday! -TR




















Pemberton Landslide

Just when you thought the avalanche season was over…

This was the second largest landslide in Canadian history – deemed a once in 2000 years event.

Over 40 million cubic meters of mountainside moved over two kilometers, blocking the lillooet river and Meager creek – which in turn threatened the whole Pemberton valley. Fortunately the water cut a new path… however with all that debris upstream you gotta wonder what’s going to happen this fall. Check it out.


These guys are crazy. Over the weekend, they were doing maintenance work on the high tension power lines above the studio. Buddy was replacing the spacers that keep the lines from touching each other.. and the best way to get to them is by helicopter.

Was really scary to watch. The heli is getting buffeted by wind and moving around with the rotors just a few feet from the lines. Buddy wrenching on the lines with 10 quadrillion volts in his lap… Wow.
I have no idea how you calculate the danger pay for these guys ?!
Whatever it is; it isn’t enough.

Pantone Coffee Cups

Pantone is the color company – they have thousands of them (and charge thousands for them). You build your color strategy by sifting through, and selecting color chips that you then send out to the textile company that is dying your goods. Somehow even with thousands to choose from it still seems limited…
Now you can take that dilemma to your morning coffee cup selection…
Build your own color strategy with Pantone.

Go Skate Day – Vancouver

Just picked up this vid from Hypebeast..


The fastest plane in the world was designed with a drafting table and a slide rule.. The Lockheed SR-71; Designed and engineered by Lockheed Martin’s ‘Skunkworks’ Advanced Development Program.
One of the most innovative aircraft ever built. This plane flies over 2000mph (that’s New York to London in less than 2 hours), at up to 85,000 ft. You can’t shoot it down – it’s faster than bullets and missiles. It’s also one of the only machines ever built that uses -less- fuel the more power it makes (more on the engines below).
On a recent visit to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in Oregon, we got to check out a Blackbird on display..
As luck would have it, there was actually a group of pilots and crew members that made a rare appearance to speak about their experiences with the Blackbird. What an amazing program to be part of.. One interesting fact of note; At 85,000 ft, you can see over 3 -trillion- times more stars than you can from the ground!

The engines in the SR-71 are a hybrid of a traditional jet engine, that converts to a ram-jet above super-sonic speeds. The air coming into the engine was already going faster than the jet engine could push it, so they incorporated a air-bypass to go around the jet engine so it becomes a ram-jet. The ram-jet just keeps making more power the faster it goes. One pilot described approaching mach 3 with the throttle pulled all the way back to the stops – and still accelerating… which he called the plane ‘getting away from you’. ummmm, houston, we have a problem..


U2 (the airplane)

James May gets to go for a boot in the Lockheed U2 spyplane. A fantastic documentary by the BBC – it’s worth taking the time to watch(!) The sound quality isn’t great on the first clip (the other two are good). Check it out..


The Highest Armchair in the World

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Pemberton Skateboard Society

The Pemberton Skateboard Society is raising funds for the new skateboard park being built this summer… visit Facebook for more info.
Bring it!

PerformX DH

Todd Schumlick has been deemed dangerous.

Mission accomplished

Sometimes you just gotta laze it up..
We’re back from a much needed break.
A couple of pics are worth a thousand words..
…so I won’t write anymore.



My new favorite vintage car site.. bringatrailer.com posts rare and unique vintage cars for sale on a daily basis. I’m not even shopping for an old-timer… it’s just fun to see what random iron shows up on any given day. Could be anything..
Fun stuff.