New Balance

NB x FYi design collaboration.

Some past conceptual design collaboration work between FYi & New Balance..

New Balance – Tokyo

Linked up with JF & Laura Fullum. JF runs the innovation team at New Balance HQ near Boston, however, he’s recently transplanted for an extended stay in Tokyo to kick off a new NB Design office above their retail space in Shibuya. Not only did we get to tour the Tokyo ‘cool’ district together, we also got to discuss our four favourite topics; Snowboarding, Beer, Skateboarding, and Coffee (in no particular order). -TR

New Balance 1099

FYi and New Balance have collaborated on a new winter boot, the 1099, releasing at retail this fall. This is FYi’s first commercial footwear project to go to market. We had a great time working with New Balance, and it’s always fun to tackle a design project of something you have never done before. We learned a lot in the process… and who knows what that might lead to in the future. More info coming soon from New Balance.

NB Factory

Kyle Strek

So many great caption opportunities here.. ‘Ummm’ or ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’. I could go on..
but, better to let Kyle speak to that. Ladies and Gentleman… KYLE STREK! -TR

New Balance 1099

New Balance has just released the new NB 1099 winter boot at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City. As a NB x FYi collaboration, the 1099 marks our first commercial footwear design and development project to go into production. We had a great time working with the New Balance team on this project. More info. on the details and development process of the 1099 will be posted in the near future. -TR

New Balance – The minimus philosophy

NB x FYi

In a quick coast to coast bounce, we met with the New Balance design team in Boston one day, and attended a technology workshop together in Portland Oregon the next. -TR

New Balance – Made in England

The <=> project

Last week we had visitors from the New Balance Innovation Studio & Proto Lab at FYi for a working session on the <=> project. We are building our first shoe prototypes at FYi! I can’t show what we are working on… it was actually a challenge to find 9 photo’s that didn’t let the cat out of the bag. For now, these will have to suffice.

More info eventually.


New Balance Innovation Studio

FYi and the NB Innovation Studio have teamed up on a project to explore technical footwear design and construction. We spent a couple of days with the NB Design Team at their HQ/Design Center/Factory to kick things off. Not sure where we will end up, but it’s clear this project is going to be FUN!

NB still maintains an in-house factory (when was the last time you saw a ‘made in the U.S.A.’ label?).

Was a very inspiring trip. We are looking forward to hosting the NB crew for a visit to the FYi Studio in the near future.


FYi x NB

The most limited edition ever,  ….only 5 pairs in existence.

FYi and New Balance have just kicked off a design exploration project together. We spent the last couple of days visiting the NB Design Center in Lawrence. More info soon.