Audi x Ducati

The Audi/Volkswagen Group yesterday approved the acquisition of Ducati S.p.A. ! What an interesting combination of two iconic design and performance driven brands… I can’t see this as being anything but positive for both companies product development. -TR

2007 Supercharged Phazer For Sale

2007 Supercharged Phazer For Sale. MPI intercooled superpercharger / 140hp. Ultra-snappy throttle response(!). Fox Floats in front, Ohlins suspension rear, CFR ski/snowboard rack, Scratchers. Ultra clean / low hours. 1000km $6k More pics avail upon request. Call FYi 604 452 0044

2007 Turbo Phazer For Sale

2007 Turbo Phazer Mountain For Sale.
MCX intercooled turbo system / 160hp. at 16lbs of boost, Clean burning and fuel efficient 4-stroke. Ohlins suspension front and rear. 151″ x 14.5″ Challenger Extreme track, CFR ski/snbd rack, Scratchers, Ramp angle and clutch mods, Ergo mods, Air intake mod. Ultra clean / low hours. 1100km. $8k More pics avail. on request. Call FYi 604 452 0044



Audi Sportscar Experience

This is something that should be on your bucket list. The Audi R8 on Infineon Raceway. I got to scratch this off my list on my 40th Bday(Thank you very big Sanna!!) The R8 is a spectacular car, and Infineon is an equally spectacular track. There is nothing wrong with turning 40 like this. -TR


Club Sportiva

Need a ‘quicker’ rental car in the Bay area? Check out Club Sportiva. -TR


Ken Block is so badass it’s ridiculous..

1980 Rothmans Porsche 953 replica

Check out the latest post on BaT! Built as a tribute to the works 953 Paris to Dakar rally cars… of which only three were built. Only one 953 is in private hands, and it would be unbelievably expensive -if- you could even buy it. This is about as close as you could get to the real thing. This is one of the coolest cars ever posted on BaT. I can’t imagine how fun this would be on dirt…

Currently for sale on eBay
Photo by Jeremy Cliff


My new favorite vintage car site.. posts rare and unique vintage cars for sale on a daily basis. I’m not even shopping for an old-timer… it’s just fun to see what random iron shows up on any given day. Could be anything..
Fun stuff.

Carrera Motors

I worked in the detail shop at Carrera Motors in Bend Oregon back in the day (some 22 yrs. ago), which definitely helped fuel my need for speed to this day. Check out the Big Ass fan in the showroom too (my uncle Rick Oleson designs for Big Ass!).

Ken Block x Ricky Carmichael

Two gods of motorsport in their own right. Ken and Ricky go out to play..


A new film by Jorli Ricker of Highmark Films.


Ariel Atom

Less is more. The minimalist Arial Atom is one of the most dynamic cars on the road today (yes, it is street legal to drive on public roads!). This is a great example of functional design – everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It’s purpose is pure fun. And though it may not look like it, the atom can eclipse the performance of almost every modern supercar made today. Watch the video below and you’ll understand why I like it.

Fun stuff.

Porsche 917

Porsche 917