GRMX Pemberton B.C.

A short & sweet vid from our local motocross track…

Edgar Torrenteras

A whip in motocross is the equivalent of a method is snowboarding. Done properly, either is by far the most stylish ‘trick’ in either sport. So why is it so rare to see someone throwing a big whip or monster method? Personally I would rather see a huge stylish whip, over all the flips, spins and more contrived gymnastics that are now the flavor of the day in freestyle motocross and snowboarding. Edgar recently posted up this video, with nothing but monster whips. Style and amplitude is off the chart. I’m generally not even a fan of freestyle motocross. Full props to Edgar for keeping it simple! Love it. -TR

2006 YZ250F AMA Race Bike For Sale

2006 YZ250F AMA Race Bike For Sale. Handbuilt high comp. motor by Tom Morgan/White Bros., FMF megabomb/carbon 4.1 exhaust, Hinson clutch, Enzo suspension, Talon/Excel wheels, Jody Dean graphics kit. $4k. More pics avail. on request. Very fast bike! Call FYi 604 452 0044            

Motocross Season

Spring has arrived. Time to get your moto on! Check out this recent Red Bull ad. The ending is the best. -TR

FYi motocross

Well, the snow is starting to fly in the alpine, and the 2010 moto season has officially closed in the great north. The FYi motocross track rough in is 50% complete. Already looking forward to next spring..


How to Whip

Get your whip on.

Jeremy Mcgrath

Jeremy Mcgrath at 39, …showing how it’s done.

Zamboni smooth.

KTM electric motocross

KTM has announced production plans for a new generation of electric motorcycles. Silent running and zero emissions (assuming you have a clean source of electricity generation), could potentially open a lot of doors for peeps in moto-challenged geographic locations.
It will be VERY interesting to see what the power delivery and handling is like, as well as very strange to ride a silent-ish bike.. I don’t see this as being a replacement for displacement anytime soon, but in the context of minibikes… could this prove to be the ultimate play bike of the future?


First moto of the year, marks the official change of seasons.

Bring it!

Bubba’s World

This is must-see tv, James Stewart style…


James Stewart II

Jedi Supercross flow.


Millville 2009 Pro National

Moto GP of Sweden

Check out the W’s opening moto!
Swedish moto-bad-bitches…

The finish line jump looks super fun.

James Stewart

JS7 is currently the fastest motocross racer in the world.
Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, James Stewart  …he’s that good.

James Stewart – Dancin’ Machine