Baldface Lodge Day 3

Sasquatch sighting..



Baldface Lodge Day 2

Today was umm, well.. it was ‘ok’.

Another 10-20cm overnight, and we just killed it. Was pretty much perfect snow density, tons of features everywhere, and you could just send it! Best day of the year so far at Baldface, and some of the best snowboarding conditions in the last few years for us. No time for riding pictures – today was all about gett’ner done.
Done got!
We were up past midnight last night reviewing prototypes – up again at 7a.m. Charged hard all day, then Andrew and Colin transfered back to Nelson to continue their journey to the far east.
On the in-coming transfer came our friends Palmer West and Jonah Smith, and the yeti crew, that will be our posse for the next few days. It’s clearing and getting colder. It’s possible tomorrow could be better yet..
Andrew, Susanna, TR
TR and Colin.
The sickest board in the world! Only 2 in existence. All I can say is reverse camber is the bomb. And it’s 164 cm. Everything else is classified.
TR, Susanna, Andrew and Colin.
Yuske-san! Got to ride with our friend Yuske for two days. He transferred out for his week off today, and heading back to Rodger’s pass to work on his ACMG guiding cert. Check out the profile on Yuske that was recently published in SNOWSTYLE below. Yuske Hirota [the man].

FYI at Baldface Lodge

We arrived at the lodge last night. The approach is by 20 minute boat ride down west kootenay lake, to the snowmobiles waiting at the other side. You then snowmo another 45 minutes up to the lodge at 6700ft. It was just dumping snow on the approach, and it continued all night. Today is going to be DEEEEP!


[ak] Japowder movie.

A new [ak] movie by Neil Hartmann, featuring some epic blower pow riding with Yoshinari Uemura(Ue), Narufumi Yoshimura, Takamasa Imai, Yoshiaki Oka, Shunsuke Hoshino, and Soichiro Tanaka.

Watch the movie(s) after the break


[bc] field report.

F.or Y.our I.nspiration

Just in from the [ak] underground. Chris Ankeny get’ner done [bc] style. These shots are from last week in the Coast Range. Thin snowpack this year, but conditions are finally improving.

Mclaren SLR 722

650 hp supercharged 5.5L V8.

The 722 edition SLR is reference to the Mille Miglia victory by Sterling Moss

in the Mercedes 300 SLR in 1955. 
1955 Mercedes 300 SL gullwing. One of the coolest
vintage cars of all time.
The last version of the SLR to be produced is the Sterling Moss
edition, which clearly takes inspiration from the original 300 SLR.
Only 75 to be built as 2010 model.
TR, HF, Sanna in Tokyo.
S.L.R. yo. The Real Batmobile.

Hokkaido 2008

First days on snow. Deeep Hokkaido powder with Neil Hartmann, HF, Kumi and the Japowder posse.

Sanna, TR, Detz and HF.

UE-San after a few face shots.
TR can’t find the sno monkee’s..
UE, and HF.