Industrial Design

Audi urban concept

A few pics of the Audi ‘urban’ concept car currently on display at the Audi Forum at the Munich airport. Pretty cool micro-chariot! -TR

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.57.45 PM

Cohaesive wins ISPO Gold!

Cohaesive was awarded the ISPO innovation award in for 2014, with a unanimous vote across the entire panel of 60 ISPO judges. After 5 years of hard work, sweating every detail, it IS nice to get some industry recognition that what you’ve been working on is a worthy objective. Big congratulations to the whole development team at FYi for all the great work in achieving such an elegantly simple solution, and in being the first to be able to commercially laminate ‘operative components’ directly to textiles! -TR

Black Diamond + Cohaesive

A short video introduction to Cohaesive produced by Black Diamond. Stay tuned. More info to be released soon.

Black Diamond + Cohæsive from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Cohaesive Embedded Hardware

FYi Designed & Engineered. We are proud to introduce Cohaesive Garment Technologies.

Cohaesive components answer a question the industry wasn’t asking. We build a lot of garments at FYi, and we grew frustrated with having to design garments with conventional hardware solutions. We felt like every other aspect of our garment designs were state-of-the-art. Yet, we were stuck attaching antiquated hardware as if it were an afterthought.

We started questioning everything. We wanted hardware that was integrated into the garment itself. We wanted hardware that was intuitively easy to use. We wanted a modern cord management solution that represents the state of the art in technical outerwear construction. What we really wanted didn’t exist… so we got to work. 5 years later, we now have what we were looking for. Cohaesive is launching with select leading technical garment brands for the Fall 2014 season. For more information visit

New Balance 1099

FYi and New Balance have collaborated on a new winter boot, the 1099, releasing at retail this fall. This is FYi’s first commercial footwear project to go to market. We had a great time working with New Balance, and it’s always fun to tackle a design project of something you have never done before. We learned a lot in the process… and who knows what that might lead to in the future. More info coming soon from New Balance.

Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept

The best thing about true concept cars is that they are more about human achievement than making business sense. In this case the Bugatti 16C Galibier concept is a bit like putting man on the moon (the makes no business sense part), in a machine that is pure mechanical art and engineering poetry. You gotta give the automotive industry credit for consistently supporting projects like this as a means of pushing the boundaries of human capability. -TR

FYi Studio 2.0 – The Big Ass Fan

The FYi Design Studio is spooling up on the design of the new FYi Studio. Step #1; Buy a Big Ass Fan. Step #2 design and build a build around it. We ordered a custom Isis with Walnut blades. With ‘just’ a 12 foot (3 meter) wingspan, this is actually a small Big Ass Fan. The really big fans are more than twice that size(!) The Isis in my opinion is industrial art. The perfect blend of industrial function and aesthetic elegance.. This is literally the first component of the project, and sets the tone for everything to follow. Will post some renderings soon once we finalize a few more details. -TR

Kyle Strek

So many great caption opportunities here.. ‘Ummm’ or ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’. I could go on..
but, better to let Kyle speak to that. Ladies and Gentleman… KYLE STREK! -TR

Bill Dieter – terrazign

It’s always inspiring to drop into Bill Dieter’s industrial design studio/cathedral called ‘Terrazign’ in Portland Oregon. Bill and I actually shared studio space some 15 years ago, as he was getting ready to drop into his own near-city-block scale industrial building. I have to say, …I like what he’s done with the place. terrazign has virtually no constraints to scale or complexity of tools and equipment. From silk to 1″ thick steel plate, Bill has a tool for it. Like FYi, Terrazign embraces a ‘learn through building’ approach to design development, which is so rare these days that both design teams should be on the endangered species list.

Had a great time kicking around his studio for a few days. -TR

The new Apple mothership

Apple has finally unveiled renderings of the new HQ in Cupertino. Reported to be larger than the Pentagon..
Talk about progressive architecture! Albeit maybe not as progressive as the under water Mapple HQ from The Simpsons episode…

I can’t wait to see what this turns out like. -TR




IDEO Design Process

Click the more link to watch a video of the IDEO Design Process

It’s an oldie, but a goody…


Dieter Rams

1. Good design is innovative.
2. Good design makes a product useful.
3. Good design is aesthetic.
4. Good design makes a product understandable.
5. Good design is unobtrusive.
6. Good design is honest.
7. Good design is long-lasting.
8. Good design is thorough down to the last detail.
9. Good design is environmentally friendly.
10. Good design is as little design as possible.

Before Apple there was Braun.
Before Jonathan there was Dieter.

FYi Mobile Headquarters

FYi has recently gone mobile with the Airstream 23D International. This is American retro-iconic design at it’s best. An 80 year old company, that still hand-builds each Airstream in a small town in Ohio. There really is nothing else like it..

Interior design by CCD

We picked up our coach at Airstream of Spokane, and then ventured back through the North Cascades on our way back to B.C.

Back in Pemby, we docked for the long weekend to moto and work on the site of studio 2.0


The fastest plane in the world was designed with a drafting table and a slide rule.. The Lockheed SR-71; Designed and engineered by Lockheed Martin’s ‘Skunkworks’ Advanced Development Program.
One of the most innovative aircraft ever built. This plane flies over 2000mph (that’s New York to London in less than 2 hours), at up to 85,000 ft. You can’t shoot it down – it’s faster than bullets and missiles. It’s also one of the only machines ever built that uses -less- fuel the more power it makes (more on the engines below).
On a recent visit to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in Oregon, we got to check out a Blackbird on display..
As luck would have it, there was actually a group of pilots and crew members that made a rare appearance to speak about their experiences with the Blackbird. What an amazing program to be part of.. One interesting fact of note; At 85,000 ft, you can see over 3 -trillion- times more stars than you can from the ground!

The engines in the SR-71 are a hybrid of a traditional jet engine, that converts to a ram-jet above super-sonic speeds. The air coming into the engine was already going faster than the jet engine could push it, so they incorporated a air-bypass to go around the jet engine so it becomes a ram-jet. The ram-jet just keeps making more power the faster it goes. One pilot described approaching mach 3 with the throttle pulled all the way back to the stops – and still accelerating… which he called the plane ‘getting away from you’. ummmm, houston, we have a problem..


Project One-77

Part of what I like most about over-the-top supercars like the One-77 is that they represent one of the purest forms of human achievement. I find it amazing that projects like this even get to happen. It doesn’t really make business sense at all – it’s more about emotion and passion for the craft of automobile engineering and design. It’s engineering, design and performance synchronized as a form of art.