FYi Taipei

A recent FYi development trip to Taipei… that’s all we can say about that until Fall 2014.

FYi Studio 2.0 – The Big Ass Fan

The FYi Design Studio is spooling up on the design of the new FYi Studio. Step #1; Buy a Big Ass Fan. Step #2 design and build a build around it. We ordered a custom Isis with Walnut blades. With ‘just’ a 12 foot (3 meter) wingspan, this is actually a small Big Ass Fan. The really big fans are more than twice that size(!) The Isis in my opinion is industrial art. The perfect blend of industrial function and aesthetic elegance.. This is literally the first component of the project, and sets the tone for everything to follow. Will post some renderings soon once we finalize a few more details. -TR

Framis technology workshop

Framis Italia just hosted a week long technology workshop at Terrazign in Portland Oregon. Was a great opportunity to spend a few days getting familiar with the machines, as we just imported 4 of them at FYi. Many companies, and a few clients came through to learn more. Was also a great excuse to come lurk in Bill Dieter’s shop! -TR

FYi Landscaping

Well, it’s been an -epic- summer of industrial scale landscaping and property improvements at the future site of FYi Studio 2.0

We now have 20 acres cleared and cleaned up, and seeded for fall. We have a custom seed blend of Red Fescue / Hard Fescue / Sheep Fescue, with over 3000lbs. spread. With approx. 1.3 million seeds per 100lbs… that equals about 39 million seeds. And we’re not done yet..

The building site is prepped and ready. Water line is in. Septic system is in. Highway access and new driveway are in. We even have a new civic address; 1500 sea to sky highway! Much more to do still. But it’s nice to take pause and reflect on how much progress we have made in just over two years!

I’ll post a follow up October 20th with the ‘green’ pics. -TR

2011 Patagonia Alpine Gore-tex Intro

2011 Patagonia Super Alpine Jacket

The first season of the collaborative design and development efforts of FYi and Patagonia will be hitting retail next month. The 2011 Super Alpine represents the pinnacle of Gore-tex outerwear construction in the form of an Alpine Climbing jacket. We pushed the limits of virtually every construction detail, and then distilled everything down to the simplest possible execution. Fit and ergo’s were also the focus of exceptional effort.

We patterned and built the first generation prototypes in-house at FYi. Followed by multiple development trips between Pemberton and Ventura. We even traveled to Viet Nam with members of the Patagonia design and development team to introduce and help commercialize all the details for production at the factory. Full props to the entire FYi/Patagonia development team for all the hard work that went into achieving one of the best garments to hit the market in years!

Contact PATAGONIA for more information.

Technical Product Developer for hire at FYi

FYi Design is an advanced product design & development company based in Pemberton, B.C. Canada. FYi is a leading design house in technical outerwear development and industrial design of footwear, backpacks and consumer electronics accessories.

***Update Sept.1, 2011; THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED.***

FYi is seeking a new brilliant member to our small and talented team. We’re looking for a technical developer body with a focus on the full spectrum of the product development process. This position would include creating extensive manufacturing specifications in Adobe Illustrator along with Excel BOMs and any other data capture and formatting for each product we design. The technical developer will also participate in prototype reviews and assist with formatting comments and client / factory communication. It’s important to be self motivated, work well under pressure, and work well in either a team environment, or working independently.

We want you to have a passion for technical products and design. We want you to be driven, dedicated, super organized, excellent communicator, and a good multi-tasker with a knowledge and understanding of technical product materials and construction. Must be super competent in Adobe Illustrator with a good eye for graphic layout, and have a minimum 3 years experience in the technical garment industry.

FYi is a small team working on a broad spectrum of large, challenging projects. We pride ourselves in being very good at what we do. We have very high expectations of ourselves and every member of our team. This is an opportunity to be living in the mountains of B.C. while being part of an extraordinary design & development team.

If you are ready to rise to the occasion, and are excited by this opportunity, please forward your resume and cover letter in pdf format to

Aether Polar Trench Preview – The Design Details

The Aether Polar Trench is a unique fusion of ideas. Technical materials and processes, obsessive attention to design and construction details, combined with a tailored cut; This is one of those rare projects in which the sum of the parts is greater than the individual components.

The Polar Trench came about as a true design and development collaboration of Aether and FYi. The intent was to create the ultimate urban trench coat, that is as comfortable and elegant, as it is weatherproof. By utilizing seam-sealed waterproof / breathable textiles on the outside, combined with feathery Primaloft insulation and buttery lining fabrics on the inside; The Polar Trench has become something special.

Design details include seamless laminated pocket flaps on the external chest and hand pockets, internal iPhone pocket, internal security pocket, quilted lining with a fully constructed interior trim, and zippered cuff gussets on the sleeves. This is a warm and waterproof Trench that looks elegant in any environment. Click on the pics below to see the full size image.

The Polar Trench has become my favorite piece in the Aether collection this season, and will be my go-to jacket for foul weather urban style.
For more information on the release date and availability, contact Aether Apparel.

Transworld Snowboarding

FYi x NB

The most limited edition ever,  ….only 5 pairs in existence.

FYi and New Balance have just kicked off a design exploration project together. We spent the last couple of days visiting the NB Design Center in Lawrence. More info soon.


New FYi site..

You may have noticed, we recently overhauled the FYi site (and we’re still working out a few quirks). The new site is essentially blog driven. On the homepage, each image is a direct link to a ‘featured’ post on the site, and as such will be consistently changing over time. In addition, each post covering specific clients projects will be consolidated in the ‘news’ tab of each clients page. The main FYi blog will be the catch-all for any and all subjects. The upside of this structure is that the body of content throughout the site is constantly refreshing, with the depth of content growing with time. Ck it.



2011 FsF Urban Project – Prototype Construction

Please note: All the photo’s posted below are from our in-house prototype construction, and are not color correct. For production colorways please reference the SOPH catalog images above.

Contact SOPH for more information.

Mission accomplished

Sometimes you just gotta laze it up..
We’re back from a much needed break.
A couple of pics are worth a thousand words..
…so I won’t write anymore.


FYi Garage Sale

No literally, the garage IS For Sale !
Project Studio 2.0 is progressing, which is why FYi compound 1.0 is listed for sale. Scroll down and you can select the toys to suit your game. This really is a recreation paradise… Lifestyle included!!
the view from the living room..
the studio parking lot..

the toys..
2005 Honda CRF250R For Sale $4200 cdn.
(RG3 triple clamps, Factory Connection suspension, DrD exhaust, and lot of other gem-bits)
2009 Honda CRF450R For Sale $7200 cdn. -SOLD-
(RG3 triple clamps, FmF exhaust, carbon fork guards, bars/levers etc.)
*Only 5.1 hours from new. Just broken in. Totally MINT!
2007 Phazer Turbo vs. Supercharger.. light weight high performance 4-stroke power; two totally different animals.
2007 Supercharged Phazer Mountain For Sale. $9200. cdn (left)
Mountain Performance Supercharger, Fox Floats (front), Ohlins (rear), CFR ski/snowboard rack.
2007 Phazer Turbo For Sale. $12,200. cdn. (right)
Swedish MCX turbo, Swedish Ohlins full suspension; Camoplast 151″ longtrack; CFR ski/snowboard rack. Low kms. / MINT
Contact FYi for more information on any of the above.

TR design diatribe – thoughtful craftsmanship

I usually keep my posts short and to the point. I deviate in the interest of discussing the topic of how design and craftsmanship are related, and ‘misunderestimated’ in society today.
Thoughtfully crafted. This is what is missing in most products today. In recent years the mastery of crafts has been overlooked, homogenized, downsized, and exported. The knowledge of how to make beautiful and useful things today has been almost completely lost in North America. The crafts have been deemed unworthy pursuits in favor of service industry professions, that ultimately produce nothing. How can an entire country cease to continue to produce things of value? Have Americans forgot what the foundation of the country was built on? Does the allure of disposable price points trump the value of something thoughtfully crafted? I think not.
I just came across this video of Steve Opperman from Temple Bags. What a breath of fresh air, which is ironic as it’s only showing dated tools of the trade from the crafted era…

Fancy tools and technology don’t replace a craft, they should only serve to extend it. The ‘state of the ART’ still implies that art should be at the forefront of technological progression. To design at a level that creates functional art, requires a mastery of craft. Mastery of a craft requires the skilled manipulation of materials. Skilled manipulation of materials only comes from many many hours of passionately working hands-on. It’s so simple.. so why is it so complicated?

Culturally, why would we not want to work with our hands to create things of value? Is it more fun to drive a desk, push paper, or work feverishly on a computer all day? I think not. Is it worth losing the ability to create and produce just to procure the lowest possible labor cost? I think not.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

You get what you pay for, and we all collectively pay the consequences of our choices with the net result to our respective national economies. If you are willing to support thoughtful craftsmanship, more companies will be -able- to provide it. You ‘vote’ for your values every time you throw down the platinum card.

‘I think not, therefor I am’.