Patagonia 2014 W’s Downtown Loft Parka

A few pics from the first prototype of the W’s Downtown Loft Parka. The plush high collar incorporates a concealed zip to deploy a fully insulated hood. Destined to be the go-to insulation in mountain towns everywhere! The new parka just released. Go to Patagonia for more info. -TR

Studio 2.0 Mega-post

Have been too busy to post for quite awhile… Here is a photo-bomb of the latest progress on the new studio!  More to come soon. -TR

The Pistachio Project – the 60/40 prototype

A sneak peak behind the FYi x S/Double 60/40 prototype. This has been an ‘art project’ on slow percolate for some time, playing around with our good friend Shawn Stussy. The S/DBL 60/40 is Shawn’s spin on the classic 60/40, mixed with modern materials and construction tech. Release date and availability (read very limited) are yet TBD. Contact Shawn at S/DBL to get on the list for more info.  -TR

Baldface 2013 Session 1

Another epic session at Baldface Lodge this year. A few pics are in order..

FsF Blue

For the FsF Intro CLICK HERE.
For more FsF content CLICK HERE.

Mt. Baker Banked Slalom

Mt. Baker is the hub of snowboarding, and the Legendary Banked Slalom is hands down the most soulful contest there is. That’s about all I need to say about that. -TR

Patagonia – Tokyo

Big shout out to Kenji Takeuchi and all the staff from the Patagonia Tokyo store in Shibuya! -TR

New Balance – Tokyo

Linked up with JF & Laura Fullum. JF runs the innovation team at New Balance HQ near Boston, however, he’s recently transplanted for an extended stay in Tokyo to kick off a new NB Design office above their retail space in Shibuya. Not only did we get to tour the Tokyo ‘cool’ district together, we also got to discuss our four favourite topics; Snowboarding, Beer, Skateboarding, and Coffee (in no particular order). -TR

Omotesando Koffee – Tokyo

Found a new favorite coffee haus in Tokyo, Omotesando Koffee. Super minimalist layout with focused priorities on great espresso! Big thanks to JF for this travel nugget. Omotesando also has 17 locations worldwide.


The AK457 Guide Jacket started out as a FYi initiative to design a purpose built jacket for working mountain guides. We spent a couple of seasons working with the guides at Baldface Lodge to figure out the functional architecture, and to test and improve the jacket for their needs. At the time Baldface received the entire production run, making them the most exclusively outfitted operation on the planet. A couple of seasons later AK457 was launched in Japan as a premium technical mini-collection, and the Guide Jacket evolved and went back into production. Here is the latest iteration of the Guide Jacket currently offered in Japan. Needless to say, these garments are the most technical AK outerwear we ever worked on. Japan always gets the good stuff!


Check out the new Aether container store in San Francisco.

Coast Range Heli

We’ve had an amazing early season in the Coast Range, with the most snow in December in over 30 yrs. Having said that, it was time to pull the trigger on some rapid vertical gain this week. We jumped in with Coast Range Heli, in a Bell 407, and spent the day peak-bouncing the Pemberton Backcountry. Literally lifetimes worth of terrain in every direction. One stoplight and 200+ mountains. This is why we live here. -TR

Happy New Year from FYi

New York has nothing on the Birken New Years fireworks show!
Big Cheers & Happy New Year from the FYi crew.

FYi studio 2.0 pro-gress.

A preview of a few construction details from the new studio build..

FYi Taipei

A recent FYi development trip to Taipei… that’s all we can say about that until Fall 2014.