Drop Coffee – Stockholm

This is the best joint to get your ‘spro on in Stockholm..! -TR

Screaming Beans – Amsterdam

Favorite coffee haus in Amsterdam: Screaming Beans!

Omotesando Koffee – Tokyo

Found a new favorite coffee haus in Tokyo, Omotesando Koffee. Super minimalist layout with focused priorities on great espresso! Big thanks to JF for this travel nugget. Omotesando also has 17 locations worldwide.

Mount Currie Coffee Co. – Whistler

The BEST coffee in Whistler… …is from Pemberton! Mount Currie Coffee Co., just opened the new Whistler location. If you find yourself in the Big Smoke, swoop the new shop and have coffee Chris spro you up proper!


Who engineers and builds the finest espresso machines in the world?

Kees van der Westen.
His 2nd generation ‘Speedster’ is pretty much the most advanced tool yet conceived for pulling state of the art espresso. Just read the review by Mark Prince over at Personally, I find the aesthetic design a bit over-the-top. I always favor a clean elegant-industrial look over elements bordering on decorative. However, the design of the Speedster is still much more thought out and refined than the LaMarzocca GS/3, which is really the only other truly world class machine for home use currently available (both require a 2nd mortgage to acquire as well). I do think I would like it even more with a few things taken away,  although…      that’s kind of like criticizing a Pagani Zonda for being over-designed. It’s a work of art by a true innovator and craftsman.  -TR


Best coffee beans on the planet; Vivace Vita from Seattle. I’m a dedicated coffee geek, and have sampled fine beans from North America, South America and across Europe. VITA sits at the #1 spot of my all time top 10 favorites. A caramel flavor with a slight nutty undertone, excellent body, amazing crema… it just hangs off the spout.  -TR

Four Barrel Coffee – San Francisco

Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco has serious game. Roasting in the back. Blended spro at the main counter. Another counter for specialty single origin straight spro, vacuum spro, pour over etc. Full selection of bean blends. Four Barrel is world class. -TR

Rocket Espresso

Looking for world class home espresso ? Introducing ROCKET ESPRESSO from Milano, Italy.

The Evoluzione Giotto might just be the ultimate home ‘spro unit.. This is a heat exchanger machine with a quiet rotary pump, a premium E61 group head, and the option to use either a 3L internal water tank, or to be hard plumbed right into the house. Not to mention the beautiful design.. If you are serious about your home brew, this rig has my vote. TR

Oso Negro – Nelson, B.C.

If you find yourself in Nelson B.C., Oso Negro is the place to spro up..


Pantone Coffee Cups

Pantone is the color company – they have thousands of them (and charge thousands for them). You build your color strategy by sifting through, and selecting color chips that you then send out to the textile company that is dying your goods. Somehow even with thousands to choose from it still seems limited…
Now you can take that dilemma to your morning coffee cup selection…
Build your own color strategy with Pantone.

Flavor of the day..

Monday morning sproh. Running El Machete at the moment…
Got sproh?

Patagonia x Intelligentsia

The Cleanest Line
Seeing as Patagonia is now connected to Intelligentsia, and is claiming knowledge, ….I will be expecting a Black Cat velvet wet double cappuccino –with latte art– on our visit to the Ventura Headquarters later this week.

Breaking News:

Sproh Maestro Chris Ankeny has implemented a new espresso blend for the Mount Currie Coffee Co.
I’m backing the new blend. Swing in and sproh up on your next trip through Pemberton. You won’t be disappointed.


The four key elements to making an epic cup of espresso are:

1. Quality beans, 2. Proper grind, 3. Precise temperature, 4. Huge pressure.

If you don’t know anything else about world class espresso – the first step is quality beans. INTELLIGENTSIA makes my top 5 list of go-to bean roasters. Go for the Black Cat Espresso (and watch their intro video for pulling a good shot). They will ship fresh roasted right to your door.

This is just the first step on the slippery slope to goodness, however it’s crucial to reaching the objective.

History of LA MARZOCCA

If you walk into a coffee shop and see one of these machines, you’re good.