Whitecap 2014

Team Riff-Raff mobbed deep, at Whitecap Lodge this year. This was supposed to be a heli-assisted touring trip, but the proverbial greybird prevailed again(!) At least this time it brought about 50cm of fresh to go with the low visibility. Snow quality was excellent, and there was nothing to do but work for it. This lodge is practically spitting distance from the original FYi studio – yet it took me 10yrs to get in for a look and walk-about. Mcgilvery lodge would make MacGyver proud – amazing that everything worked! -TR

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.05.18 PM

Audi urban concept

A few pics of the Audi ‘urban’ concept car currently on display at the Audi Forum at the Munich airport. Pretty cool micro-chariot! -TR

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TYAX 2014

This years designer shred session landed at Tyax Lodge, just north of Pemberton. The crew wanted to experience something different from the last few seasons of epic tree jibbing in the Baldface POW-park. So we decided to go for a heli trip in the sized up terrain, where the north end of the Coast Range meets the south end of the Chilcotin Range. We were lucky enough to get good snow just-in-time for the trip. However visibility proved to be a challenge.The proverbial greybird prevailed, however that didn’t stop us from having a great time. Super fun crew this year. Already looking forward to the next adventure. -TR




Click on the KNOWMAG ART below and toggle to page 49 to check a short story preview to an ongoing FYi x ENDVR collaboration on board design. Prototype v2.0 is in the works now. Stay tuned for more info. -TR

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Patagonia 2014 @ ISPO

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Cohaesive wins ISPO Gold!

Cohaesive was awarded the ISPO innovation award in for 2014, with a unanimous vote across the entire panel of 60 ISPO judges. After 5 years of hard work, sweating every detail, it IS nice to get some industry recognition that what you’ve been working on is a worthy objective. Big congratulations to the whole development team at FYi for all the great work in achieving such an elegantly simple solution, and in being the first to be able to commercially laminate ‘operative components’ directly to textiles! -TR

Black Diamond introduces Cohaesive technology at Outdoor Retailer.

Black Diamond showcases FYi designed & engineered Cohaesive Embedded Components in their new 2014 Gore-Tex outerwear collection in Salt Lake City.

Black Diamond + Cohaesive

A short video introduction to Cohaesive produced by Black Diamond. Stay tuned. More info to be released soon.

Black Diamond + Cohæsive from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Patagonia x FYi

Craftsmanship from the inside out. On display at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City.


Happy New Year from the FYi crew!!

Cohaesive Embedded Hardware

FYi Designed & Engineered. We are proud to introduce Cohaesive Garment Technologies.

Cohaesive components answer a question the industry wasn’t asking. We build a lot of garments at FYi, and we grew frustrated with having to design garments with conventional hardware solutions. We felt like every other aspect of our garment designs were state-of-the-art. Yet, we were stuck attaching antiquated hardware as if it were an afterthought.

We started questioning everything. We wanted hardware that was integrated into the garment itself. We wanted hardware that was intuitively easy to use. We wanted a modern cord management solution that represents the state of the art in technical outerwear construction. What we really wanted didn’t exist… so we got to work. 5 years later, we now have what we were looking for. Cohaesive is launching with select leading technical garment brands for the Fall 2014 season. For more information visit


Foon Skis

Introducing Big Mtn. Uber-ripper Johnny ‘Foon’ Chilton. Johnny is one of the original pioneers of Big Mtn. skiing in the Coast Range, with fellow legends Eric Pehota and the late Trevor Peterson. Johnny has more recently been translating his steep skiing knowledge into the art and craft of building his own skis by hand. When you acquire a pair of Foon skis, you are literally getting hand-crafted boards by the -maker/user/designer/ripper-  man himself. Foon Skis world headquarters is based in Pemberton, British Columbia. Go to for more info.  -TR

Bridging the Gap with Pep Fujas

Drop Coffee – Stockholm

This is the best joint to get your ‘spro on in Stockholm..! -TR