The Mothership.

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Studio 2.0 Mega-post

Have been too busy to post for quite awhile… Here is a photo-bomb of the latest progress on the new studio!  More to come soon. -TR

FYi – Tokyo

A flash trip to Tokyo last week for 48 hrs of perspective…


Check out the new Aether container store in San Francisco.

FYi Studio 2.0 – chapter 1

Official ground breaking! The process has finally begun. This time there will only be one prototype, and that will be the keeper. It took 3.5 years of site prep, clearing, landscaping, and design to get to this point. I’m pretty sure it will take another 3-4 years before we can say ‘we’re done’. Which will make this our longest running ‘project’ ever. A pic may be worth a thousand words.. to sum it up as a one word understatement… [epic]. -TR

FYi Taipei

A recent FYi development trip to Taipei… that’s all we can say about that until Fall 2014.

FYi Studio 2.0 – The Big Ass Fan

The FYi Design Studio is spooling up on the design of the new FYi Studio. Step #1; Buy a Big Ass Fan. Step #2 design and build a build around it. We ordered a custom Isis with Walnut blades. With ‘just’ a 12 foot (3 meter) wingspan, this is actually a small Big Ass Fan. The really big fans are more than twice that size(!) The Isis in my opinion is industrial art. The perfect blend of industrial function and aesthetic elegance.. This is literally the first component of the project, and sets the tone for everything to follow. Will post some renderings soon once we finalize a few more details. -TR

The new Apple mothership

Apple has finally unveiled renderings of the new HQ in Cupertino. Reported to be larger than the Pentagon..
Talk about progressive architecture! Albeit maybe not as progressive as the under water Mapple HQ from The Simpsons episode…

I can’t wait to see what this turns out like. -TR





Turns out the Infinite Loop is finite after all. Apple has commissioned Norman Foster to design a new 100 acre Apple campus in Cupertino. Campus 2.0 will reportedly have most of the transportation underground, leaving the surface free for green space. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Kevin Smith – Thinking inside the box.

Kev Smith raises the modern/progressive bar in the Pemberton valley with his shipping container box/home conversion. With his home base in Vancouver these days – the box makes the perfect self contained weekend play-pad.
A work-in-progress, Kev is on the home stretch to his fully operational container.

The Lotus Chair (seen above) was designed by Paul Boulva in 1976. Originally called the Chair 2000, it was supposed to be introduced at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. The chair missed the production deadline, but made it’s way into Kev’s container.

Minimalism as defined by Kevin Smith. Views included.


Two of the most interesting design driven companies, Wally and Hermés, have gotten together to do something completely different. WHY ?

Always fun to see something so different that it challenges perceptions.

Strapats 2.0 ?

Automotive Art II

Motofotography by Webb Bland.