Burton [ak]

Bralorne B.C.

Had to post this; 1. it’s in our back yard. 2. check the AK pow grips in action. 3. the riding is sick.
Well done Stephan and Kazu! -TR

[ak] @ Outdoor Retailer

After 6 years of designing and developing Burton’s [ak] collection, Burton x FYi are taking different lines. The winter 2012 range that’s currently at retail, marks the last season of our collaboration together. As a positive bookend to an era, Burton sprung the global AK collection at Outdoor Retailer for the first time. Was fun to see the BTV crew pondering the SLC scene. John Lacy, Nick Simmons, and Greg Dacyshyn holdin’ it down at the Bayou.

2012 [ak] Hover jacket

2012 [ak] Haven jacket

A few design details of the W’s Burton AK 3L Haven Gore-Tex jacket.. with the brushed ‘flannel’ lining.

2012 [ak] Stagger jacket

A few design details from the completely re-engineered 2012 Stagger jacket.

2012 Burton [ak] Gloves/Mitts

2012 Burton [ak] Packs

2012 [ak] Cyclic jacket

The 2L Gore-Tex Cyclic jacket, just keeps getting better and better. All new engineered fit, combined with the now iconic Cyclic style… offered in 9 new colorways.

2012 AK457 Guide Jacket

[ak] Advanced Outerwear for Mankind.


2011 Burton [ak]

This is the long cut of the 2011 AK video. Enjoy.



Winter 2012 AK collection showing in it’s own Dwell cube in Btown.

[ak] 2011

LaNina is in the forecast. Time to gear up! 2011 AK has arrived..