2010 [ak]

2011 AK457 Down Jacket

A preview of the Japanese AK457 2L Down Jacket; The 2L Down is even lighter than the global LZ Down(!) We were able to shave more weight by using tighter and lighter fabrics throughout, as well as even higher loft premium down.
A waterproof breathable down jacket goes a bit against conventional wisdom.. everybody knows down loses much of it’s insulative value when it gets wet (and being in the coast mountains, I was skeptical), however when combined with a seam sealed breathable Gore shell it performs incredibly well.

2010 [ak] Hover reviewed

An on-point review of the 2010 [ak] Hover jacket, by the folks over at Easyloungin
I’m stoked to see this jacket resonate with the backcountry ‘apparel-needs-to-be-equipment’ crowd. The 2010 Hover is my all-time favorite [ak] jacket, to date. It was designed with on-snow performance and function as the sole objective, …for backcountry sledneck guys like Chappy. You can see his FaceTube video review below, or click the Easyloungin link above for a more in-depth written review.
In summary, this jacket is sick. Lots of lurkers and good banter over at Easyloungin too. Ck it.

2010 W’s Burton [ak] Flare Down

Designed at FYi; The Women’s [ak] Flare Down incorporates buttery soft premium goose down insulation, with fully seam-taped Gore-Tex shell.
Finally a LZ Down, purpose-built for the ladies.

2010 Burton [ak] Stagger Jacket

The 2L Stagger jacket just keeps getting better.

2010 Burton [ak] Hi-Top Pant

2010 is the year of the Hi-Top. With 3L Pro-Shell Gore-Tex, the [ak] Hi-Top pant has everything you need for backcountry performance, and nothing more.


2010 Burton [ak] Cyclic Jacket

Return of the Cyclic.
For 2010 we designed and prototyped an all-new Cyclic jacket. However, everyone likes the 2009 Cyclic so much, we were asked to carry the design forward for 2010.

2010 W’s Burton [ak] Slider Anorak

The AK Slider Anorak was something we wanted to do for a long time, and finally did. A cool, technical Gore-tex pullover for Women! Check it out..
We originally built the Slider Anorak prototype as a 3L Pro-shell. However it ended up fitting into the line best as a Gore 2L pullover.
Go to Burton.com for more information.


2010 Burton [ak] Mens Jackets

2010 Burton [ak] Womens Jackets

2010 Burton [ak] Womens Pants

2010 Burton [ak] Mens Pants

2010 Burton [ak] Packs

2010 Burton [ak] Gloves/Mitts

2010 Burton [ak] LZ Down Jacket

One of our favorite jackets continues to evolve and improve. The 2010 LZ Down gets a new drop hood design that improves the function in a couple of ways; As the hood is now integrated to the outside of the collar, it allows the collar to stand properly while not wearing the hood. Where the ’09 full time hood pulled the front of the collar back against your face, the ‘010 design allows the shaped collar to relax. Without the hood pulling the collar down you get better weather protection too. The bottom line is, it works better and is much more comfortable.

2010 Burton W’s [ak] Hybrid Insulator

Like the Men’s, the W’s Hybrid Insulator uses a combination of quilted synthetic insulation, and synthetic fleece. It’s strategically patterned for warmth and breathability. The objective with the Hybrids is to be the ultimate thermal layering garment.