2011 Burton Pow Grip

The [patent pending] Pow Grip resolves one of the longest standing pet peeves I’ve had in snowboarding. You know the deal – you go out on a deep blower day, and you batten down the hatches to keep snow from breaching the inner sanctum… you start riding and within five minutes your jacket pops off your glove, and you get snow in your glove and up your sleeve. Re-batten and repeat… all day long.

On one particular waist deep session at Baldface, we started thinking… there must be a solution. Two years of tinkering and testing later… we have the new Pow Grip! Not only does it work, it’s a game changer. I’m now annoyed to test any jacket without it.

It’s essentially a second cuff tab secured to the inside of the cuff in a fixed loop. The tricky bit is that it needed to be patterned to fit perfectly over the 3D shape of your glove when deployed, AND be patterned to lay flat against the inverse 3D shape of your inner sleeve when not deployed (allowing you to run the traditional cuff when you don’t need the lock down).

It takes a day to get used to the feeling of the Pow Grip. You can feel your sleeves tug a bit when you are at maximum range of movement (which is when your old cuff pops off your glove!). However, you will quickly learn to love the locked down feeling, and forever move beyond the iced up glove cuff.. You can starfish into the deep, or posthole up to your armpit and your cuff stays sealed with impunity. Note: Proper sleeve length is essential for proper function.

The Pow Grip is available in the Men’s AK LZ Down, AK Stagger, AK Burn, AK Turbine, the Burton Shelter, and Burton Tronic jackets; For Women; The AK Haven, AK Flare, Burton Skylar, Burton Sage and Burton Prowess Jackets all come equipped.

Get a grip.


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