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Tom Sims Retro World Championships

30 Years ago the first Snowboarding World Championships was held at Soda Springs in Tahoe. That was also the event that Tom Sims built the first [snow] halfpipe ever. Last weekend was the 30 yr. anniversary of that event, which was marked by the Tom Sims Retro World Championships! Legends came out of the woodwork including; Jeff Fulton, Scott Clum, Terry Kidwell, Chris Roach, Scott Downey, Bob Klein, Kevin Delaney, Keith Kimmel, Evan Feen, Shawn Farmer, Dennis Nazari, Mike Chantrey, even Dave Weaver ..and more. I used to travel, ride and compete with these guys. We all shared the first chapter of snowboarding together. We took it for granted at the time, but I think we all realize now how great it was to be part of something that really redefined who we are. Snowboarding literally changed our lives. We had a fantastic weekend, recreating the Super G and ditch,err I mean halfpipe of 30 yrs ago. A bunch of old guys charging on 25-30 year old equipment! (Imagine going 50mph on 30yr old plastic bindings that broke a lot when they were new!!) The event also marked the on-snow memorial for Tom Sims. He would have been stoked on the turn-out and all the old Sims boards put back into action in his honor. [Thanks Tom!]
-Tom Routh

Baldface 2013 session 2

Photobomb #2 from session #2 @ Baldface Lodge B.C., 2013!

Baldface 2013 Session 1

Another epic session at Baldface Lodge this year. A few pics are in order..