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FYi Studio 2.0 – The Big Ass Fan

The FYi Design Studio is spooling up on the design of the new FYi Studio. Step #1; Buy a Big Ass Fan. Step #2 design and build a build around it. We ordered a custom Isis with Walnut blades. With ‘just’ a 12 foot (3 meter) wingspan, this is actually a small Big Ass Fan. The really big fans are more than twice that size(!) The Isis in my opinion is industrial art. The perfect blend of industrial function and aesthetic elegance.. This is literally the first component of the project, and sets the tone for everything to follow. Will post some renderings soon once we finalize a few more details. -TR

State of the Art Whistler

A number of local artists on display currently at the World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler.
Select the thumbnail to view the full image. -TR


Shawn just dropped his new Tokyo S/DOUBLE shop. Check it on his blog.. -TR

Audi x Ducati

The Audi/Volkswagen Group yesterday approved the acquisition of Ducati S.p.A. ! What an interesting combination of two iconic design and performance driven brands… I can’t see this as being anything but positive for both companies product development. -TR

AETHER Airstream

While on covert business in the bay area last week, Shane and I were able to swoop the last day of the Aether Airstream store in San Francisco. Visit AETHER to find out where the Airstream will pop-up next. -TR

NB Factory

Kyle Strek

So many great caption opportunities here.. ‘Ummm’ or ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’. I could go on..
but, better to let Kyle speak to that. Ladies and Gentleman… KYLE STREK! -TR

Skylar Grey

You know.. just a little acoustic jam, shot on home video, from the corner of a boat, with zero ‘post production’. Songwriter Sklar Grey throwing down serious talent. Amazing. -TR

Bralorne B.C.

Had to post this; 1. it’s in our back yard. 2. check the AK pow grips in action. 3. the riding is sick.
Well done Stephan and Kazu! -TR

Darpa Sand Flea

This is crazy cool tech, errr, or it would be if it wasn’t developed for military use. Wouldn’t be too stoked to have one of these with A.I. hunting you. Gotta wonder where all the weaponized robotics and drone tech is going to end up in the future. Are we literally setting a path for machines to take over? ‘Skynet’ may be inevitable.

8 Mile

Spring has arrived. Although you wouldn’t know it around here. Over 100cm of fresh snow in the last week alone… with full winter conditions in the alpine.