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FsF Urban Project spring 2012

Max Zorn

Amazing work by MAX ZORN. A great example of mastery of an innovative skill, producing spectacular results…  ck it.  -TR

Edgar Torrenteras

A whip in motocross is the equivalent of a method is snowboarding. Done properly, either is by far the most stylish ‘trick’ in either sport. So why is it so rare to see someone throwing a big whip or monster method? Personally I would rather see a huge stylish whip, over all the flips, spins and more contrived gymnastics that are now the flavor of the day in freestyle motocross and snowboarding. Edgar recently posted up this video, with nothing but monster whips. Style and amplitude is off the chart. I’m generally not even a fan of freestyle motocross. Full props to Edgar for keeping it simple! Love it. -TR