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Another yeti sighting at Baldface Lodge…

Duncan Mackenzie

Local skier and Whistler pro patroller Duncan Mackenzie was caught in an avalanche while skiing in the Pemberton backcountry yesterday. He was severely injured, and didn’t make it through the night. I didn’t know Duncan personally, however it hits home when someone goes down in the local community, and practically in our back yard. It also always hits home when someone goes down wearing a product you designed. Somehow it’s a strange thought that someone stepped off of this world wearing something you created. The last thing you would wear, as it were, which I promise you was never considered in the scope of intended end uses. Thoughts and condolences to friends and family.  -TR

PANTONE – The 20th Century in Color

An excellent book on the history of design and color throughout the 20th century.

2011 Patagonia Super Pluma Jacket


Had to post this. Epic little video. Enjoy.  -TR

S/Double micro-shop

Shawn just opened his first micro-shop in Montecito. A tiny gallery in the back of a local Barber Shop.. the absolute antithesis of the ‘big box’. You just gotta love it. -TR

2012 [ak] Hover jacket