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2012 [ak] Haven jacket

A few design details of the W’s Burton AK 3L Haven Gore-Tex jacket.. with the brushed ‘flannel’ lining.

New Balance – The minimus philosophy

Less is More

Patagonia’s latest less is more message from the NYT. Can read more about it at ‘the cleanest line’.

The FsF Urban Project

The FYi x SOPH x fragment design ‘FsF Project’ continues to evolve. Only available in Japan. Contact SOPHNET for more info.

2012 [ak] Stagger jacket

A few design details from the completely re-engineered 2012 Stagger jacket.

Happy Thanksgiving

Audi R5 concept

Build this car!! Mid-engine R5 with a longitudinal mounted TFSI 2.5 five cylinder, 408hp tune combined with Audi ‘lightweight technology’ construction (max. 3000lbs.). Include the torson based rear biased quattro system, and a 6 speed manual with an optional 7 speed DSG. This is the sports car of the future. Would be faster and more fun than an R8, while doubling the fuel economy… it’s a win/win/win. Less is more! Light is fast! Build it and they will come!! -TR

S/Double Montecito

Patagonia Portland

We dropped in on the Patagonia store in the Pearl District of Downtown Portland. They did an amazing job with the space. This was an extremely rough neighborhood back in the day. Now it’s the best part of the downtown core. -TR


Bill Dieter – terrazign

It’s always inspiring to drop into Bill Dieter’s industrial design studio/cathedral called ‘Terrazign’ in Portland Oregon. Bill and I actually shared studio space some 15 years ago, as he was getting ready to drop into his own near-city-block scale industrial building. I have to say, …I like what he’s done with the place. terrazign has virtually no constraints to scale or complexity of tools and equipment. From silk to 1″ thick steel plate, Bill has a tool for it. Like FYi, Terrazign embraces a ‘learn through building’ approach to design development, which is so rare these days that both design teams should be on the endangered species list.

Had a great time kicking around his studio for a few days. -TR