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Gone Fishin’

Our 2011 Baldface POW marathon is on.

2011 Burton [ak]

This is the long cut of the 2011 AK video. Enjoy.

Rocket Espresso

Looking for world class home espresso ? Introducing ROCKET ESPRESSO from Milano, Italy.

The Evoluzione Giotto might just be the ultimate home ‘spro unit.. This is a heat exchanger machine with a quiet rotary pump, a premium E61 group head, and the option to use either a 3L internal water tank, or to be hard plumbed right into the house. Not to mention the beautiful design.. If you are serious about your home brew, this rig has my vote. TR

Patagonia Music

The Patagonia Music Store is open. Check it out..


The Jaguar E-Type returns… only it wasn’t designed by Jaguar. Swedish designer Bo Zolland had the vision to design the ‘Growler’ as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the original. I would say Jaguar is getting schooled on their own [iconic] design language. This is a great example of how one person with vision can create something pure, that an entire company struggles to achieve.  TR