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Pemberton Backcountry

While we have been bouncing airports.. the Pemby boys have been slaying the goods. We’ll call this zone Garter lake, which will ensure it can’t be found w/o local knowledge..

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Photo’s by Chris and Dave



I recently got the opportunity to get back to my roots, and drop in on Tom Sims in California. The first time we rode together was back in 1984. Here we are 27 years later..

Baldface Snow Report

For Your inspiration…

Patagonia Ventura

We bounced to SoCal this week to work on the development of the Fall ’12 outerwear collection. Coming from B.C., sun and flip-flops are always welcome this time of year!

Patagonia @ Outdoor Retailer

The first FYi designed and developed Patagonia outerwear collection has made it’s introduction at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. The return of the iconic Super Pluma and Super Alpine jacket and bib, top the new range of Alpine Climbing outerwear; Which also marks the return of Gore-Tex in Patagonia Outerwear. A nod has to be given to Richard Siberell, who designed the original Pluma and Super Alpine gear back in the early 90’s. We hope our work lives up to the reputation of the originals..

More details to be released in the future.

AETHER Fall/Winter 2011 PROJECT NY Booth #117

VW Factory

A very cool video tour of the new VW factory in downtown Dresden..

Amazing facility. I love the little robotic couriers running around delivering parts…



Turns out the Infinite Loop is finite after all. Apple has commissioned Norman Foster to design a new 100 acre Apple campus in Cupertino. Campus 2.0 will reportedly have most of the transportation underground, leaving the surface free for green space. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year to everyone from FYi!!

We kicked off Canadian style with an outdoor party, on top of the Studio 2.0 building site. At -18c, the only challenge was keeping your drink in a proper liquid state..  Was a spectacular clear night, with a good time had by all. The youngest little alien/attendant was DSB (baby Basterrechea) at just over 2 weeks old, kickin’ it inside DaveB’s LZ Down!

Maybe next year we will be IN the building..