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Patagonia x Intelligentsia

The Cleanest Line
Seeing as Patagonia is now connected to Intelligentsia, and is claiming knowledge, ….I will be expecting a Black Cat velvet wet double cappuccino –with latte art– on our visit to the Ventura Headquarters later this week.

KTM electric motocross

KTM has announced production plans for a new generation of electric motorcycles. Silent running and zero emissions (assuming you have a clean source of electricity generation), could potentially open a lot of doors for peeps in moto-challenged geographic locations.
It will be VERY interesting to see what the power delivery and handling is like, as well as very strange to ride a silent-ish bike.. I don’t see this as being a replacement for displacement anytime soon, but in the context of minibikes… could this prove to be the ultimate play bike of the future?

Garry Pendygrasse


GP on the backside of the underground..

Mission accomplished

Sometimes you just gotta laze it up..
We’re back from a much needed break.
A couple of pics are worth a thousand words..
…so I won’t write anymore.


Blog Holiday

FYi has checked out to recharge…

The blog will be on holiday until May 24th-ish.
See you then.


My new favorite vintage car site.. posts rare and unique vintage cars for sale on a daily basis. I’m not even shopping for an old-timer… it’s just fun to see what random iron shows up on any given day. Could be anything..
Fun stuff.

Peel Trident

FYi Garage Sale

No literally, the garage IS For Sale !
Project Studio 2.0 is progressing, which is why FYi compound 1.0 is listed for sale. Scroll down and you can select the toys to suit your game. This really is a recreation paradise… Lifestyle included!!
the view from the living room..
the studio parking lot..

the toys..
2005 Honda CRF250R For Sale $4200 cdn.
(RG3 triple clamps, Factory Connection suspension, DrD exhaust, and lot of other gem-bits)
2009 Honda CRF450R For Sale $7200 cdn. -SOLD-
(RG3 triple clamps, FmF exhaust, carbon fork guards, bars/levers etc.)
*Only 5.1 hours from new. Just broken in. Totally MINT!
2007 Phazer Turbo vs. Supercharger.. light weight high performance 4-stroke power; two totally different animals.
2007 Supercharged Phazer Mountain For Sale. $9200. cdn (left)
Mountain Performance Supercharger, Fox Floats (front), Ohlins (rear), CFR ski/snowboard rack.
2007 Phazer Turbo For Sale. $12,200. cdn. (right)
Swedish MCX turbo, Swedish Ohlins full suspension; Camoplast 151″ longtrack; CFR ski/snowboard rack. Low kms. / MINT
Contact FYi for more information on any of the above.