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Ha ha, Shawn has committed to a date AND time for his super-global-flagship-power-launch of S/DBL!
The pressure is on…


Haha! So cool. Can’t imagine how many hours it would take to make everything work..
Why engineer ? Just because you can. Ready? OK Go.


The four key elements to making an epic cup of espresso are:

1. Quality beans, 2. Proper grind, 3. Precise temperature, 4. Huge pressure.

If you don’t know anything else about world class espresso – the first step is quality beans. INTELLIGENTSIA makes my top 5 list of go-to bean roasters. Go for the Black Cat Espresso (and watch their intro video for pulling a good shot). They will ship fresh roasted right to your door.

This is just the first step on the slippery slope to goodness, however it’s crucial to reaching the objective.


The Pantheon Project – Best of the Best

The Pantheon Project

Photobomb #2 from Pantheon. I still haven’t had time to edit and post… so I just picked some highlights to post today. The mountains are just unbelievable. You can’t really capture the scope and scale with a camera. You need to stitch about 20 photo’s together in a panorama, just to see half of the view from one location – and that still wouldn’t do justice. Click on the photo for a large view. Enjoy. Click on the next one. Enjoy and repeat.
The purpose of this project was to explore some new terrain, participate with guide training and set up, as well as shooting some photo’s and video with Eric Berger, and Christian Begin. As such we got to see a lot more of the massive Pantheon tenure than you normally would. We even got to fly through the col of Mount Waddington – which was an impressive display of the powerful Bell 212 (we were fully loaded with 12 people, gear, full load of fuel – flying at 11,000 ft., looking -UP- another 3000 ft+ at the peak of Waddington!) I was just hoping to get a good view of Waddington on this trip – and we got to fly through it!!

That’s it for now. Will post the best of the best at a later date.

Bella Coola Heli – The Pantheon project

This week we are having a look around Pantheon Helisports, which is east of Bella Coola’s main operation at Tweedsmuir Lodge. We have 11 people, one big helicopter, and over 1.2 million acres of terrain spanning the largest mountains in British Columbia.
Today was the first day in the alpine – and we are still just scratching the surface. High pressure is building and the next couple of days look good to go. More to come..

Bubba’s World

This is must-see tv, James Stewart style…


Pemberton 2010

Some highlights from the Pemberton Backcountry.

Photos by Chris Ankeny.
Chris and Dave B!..
Jonaven Moore ‘verting’ the north couloir of Joffre..
Joe Lax dropping the billygoat spines..
The view from the top of ‘Sun God’…

Dave B ripping sans-bindings on the Nofish.

For Your Inspiration.


It only takes 6 minutes to put the entire known universe into perspective…

How small do you feel now ?

1948 Airstream Wee Wind

Check out the ‘Wee Wind’ being restored by David Winick
over at Vintage Trailering.

The 1948 Wee Wind was the smallest and lightest Airstream ever made. Only 19 were built, with only 14 known to exist today.
Less is more. Doesn’t get much better than that.

FsF Urban Project Packable Parka

Introducing the FsF Packable Parka; The latest addition to the FsF Urban Project. Contact SOPH.NET for more info.