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u.n.k.l.e. is from the U.K.
Check out this video. It’s a bit brutal in it’s message – perhaps a reflection of the morality of religion in society today (?). The ending is awesome. I’ll let you interpret it’s intended meaning and it’s implications…

AETHER Alto Jacket

I’ve posted the Alto Jkt before, although now I have the Aether samples in the studio – and I can take my own photo’s. It’s currently -9 below with lots of snow in Birken.. perfect conditions to be wearing an Alto all the time.

The two best forms of insulation are premium goose down, and the synthetic equivalent, Primaloft. The Alto uses the latter.

You can find more info at AETHER.

Takashi Sato @ FYi

Takashi Sato from Burton Japan was in B.C. this week, visiting FYi, to work on AK457. Takashi-san is responsible for development and production. We reviewed the 2011 samples, and kicked off design and development for 2012.

We spent a day product testing at Whistler. Here, Takashi is taking in the great B.C. views in December…. ‘ummm, I don’t see anything’…. Exactly, that’s the view of B.C. in December.

There currently is no further information available on AK457. It’s so underground we can’t even confirm that it exists.
Maybe it doesn’t…

Burton Corp. – Chris Doyle

Meet Chris Doyle and build a snowboard…


Pemberton snow report

Shred report from Dave Basterrechea:

Dec. 1st 7a.m.


The 1st day going out sledding is always a bit hectic. There seems to be so many things you could have done all summer to your snowmobile but never got around to it. Next thing you know the weather lines up and its the first sunny day of the winter. I ended up going to bed late and only got 4 hours of sleep. I actually barely even slept because i was so stoked for the next day.

I dug a pit 8ft down all the way to the ground. The snow pack looked super solid.

We went over and played in the sun the rest of the day.

Chris Ankeny slashin’ it, Noboard style.



Snowvember 2009

November snow report from Jeff Pensiero…

Got Pow?

[ak] underground – Kumiko Inaba

a.k.a., Qoo
FYi : Coolest girl in Japan
Stance : Normal
Ameblo : qooblog
Favorite late night snack : Rice crackers
Favorite place to ride : Hakkoda, Aomori Japan
Going sideways since : 1994
Lifestyle in a nutshell : urban-mountain-fashionista-tranformer..
Our good friend Kumi is a bit like us; one foot in snowboarding, one foot in outdoor, and another foot in urban fashion all at the same time. Qoo spent 14 years with Burton Japan. She learned the backcountry riding with Craig Kelly and John Buffery.
Today she works at fragment design with Hiroshi Fujiwara. fragment defines Tokyo street culture, with work spanning product design, music, graphic design and more. We get to work with Kumi on both AK457, and the F.S.F. urban project, as both fragment design and FYi design are working together on both projects.
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The qoo-post.

FSF project design details

Pemberton, B.C. Canada > Tokyo, Japan.
Anyone who has been to Pemberton, never expected to see it mentioned in the same sentence with Tokyo.