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Top Gear RC racing

This post is for Nick Simmons…


Two of the most interesting design driven companies, Wally and Hermés, have gotten together to do something completely different. WHY ?

Always fun to see something so different that it challenges perceptions.

Strapats 2.0 ?

Lifestyle by Design

Everything in life is a choice. Every element of design is a choice – Who you are and what you do is defined by the decisions you make.

 At FYi, design and lifestyle have come to be as cohesive as form and function.

 Our blog covers these topics and everything in between…
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Tom Routh
FYi Creative Director

2010 Burton [ak] Hi-Top Pant

2010 is the year of the Hi-Top. With 3L Pro-Shell Gore-Tex, the [ak] Hi-Top pant has everything you need for backcountry performance, and nothing more.


Weekend Corona post – ‘vancouver’

The end of summer also marks the end of the Corona post series.
I saved the ‘vancouver’ post for last. Why is it that beer commercials
are so creative and entertaining? Click beer to review the whole series.


The FSF urban project

The FSF urban project is a collaboration between FYi, SOPH, and Fragment. Garments will be built in limited quantities, and are only available in Japan. Contact SOPH.NET for more information.


2010 Burton [ak] Cyclic Jacket

Return of the Cyclic.
For 2010 we designed and prototyped an all-new Cyclic jacket. However, everyone likes the 2009 Cyclic so much, we were asked to carry the design forward for 2010.

[ak] underground – Shunsuke Hoshino

Weekend Corona post – ‘red square’

Ariel Atom

Less is more. The minimalist Arial Atom is one of the most dynamic cars on the road today (yes, it is street legal to drive on public roads!). This is a great example of functional design – everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It’s purpose is pure fun. And though it may not look like it, the atom can eclipse the performance of almost every modern supercar made today. Watch the video below and you’ll understand why I like it.

Fun stuff.

Yosuke Aizawa x Tom Routh & Susanna Bergstrom

A recent discussion with Yosuke-san, from White Mountaineering, published in Go Out Magazine in Japan.


Mt. FUJI sunrise

Just got this pic last week from Takashi Sato at Burton Japan. He was out for some early morning product testing and snapped this pic at sunrise.

2010 W’s Burton [ak] Slider Anorak

The AK Slider Anorak was something we wanted to do for a long time, and finally did. A cool, technical Gore-tex pullover for Women! Check it out..
We originally built the Slider Anorak prototype as a 3L Pro-shell. However it ended up fitting into the line best as a Gore 2L pullover.
Go to for more information.