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Halou. Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom. Pronounced [huh-loo], from San Francisco.

Weekend Corona post – ‘holiday in a bottle’

It’s like hol-i-day!


This is an old school classic from 1978. One of the best films ever made. POV cam mounted to the front of a Ferrari 275 GTB, being driven flat-out (illegally) across Paris at 3a.m.! One shot. No music. No lines. No effects. Just the soundtrack coming from the engine. Great ending too.


Introducing the AETHER Barrier jacket, designed and engineered here at FYI. This is a sneak-peak preview, as the production jackets are due to hit retail this fall. This jacket will be in limited numbers, meaning it will be exclusive and hard to get.
This jacket is like nothing else in the marketplace.. The exterior fabric is a robust waxed cotton, combined with premium Primaloft insulation and a buttery soft interior. This combination is totally unique and creates a very interesting feel to the garment.  It has a tailored cut that’s very elegant, which at the same time is in sharp contrast to the waxed cotton it’s made from. Sort of like Aston Martin making a duck hunting edition Vanquish!
The Barrier is full of sophisticated patterning and construction details, and is truely hand-crafted in every respect. Fabrics from the U.K. and Japan, Insulation from the U.S.A., Zippers from Switzerland; Designed and manufactured in Canada. This jacket is exuding quality and craftsmanship – which is something increasingly rare in today’s world of cookie-cutter mass production.

The Barrier has two drop-in external chest pockets, two hand pockets, an internal iphone pocket on one side, and an internal travel pocket on the other. Photo’s alone don’t do this jacket justice, it needs to be seen, felt, and worn, to be truly understood.

This is one of the most challenging garments we’ve developed, and one of my personal all-time favorites. It comes highly recommended to anyone that values sophisticated design, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.
It will be very hard to get. If you want one I suggest contacting AETHER directly. The limited production will sell out very quickly.
Watch for the AETHER website to update with the fall collection, later this summer. This is just the tip of the iceberg for an emerging label that’s defining a new market, and destined to make a real impact.

Weekend Corona post – ‘casting call’.

Have a great weekend.

Problem Bear.

So you’re relaxing in the hammock with your eyes closed, and….

This guy has actually become quite annoying. Trying to get into the garbage 5 times a night. He just takes whole garbage cans and drags them into the woods. We retrieved 4 cans from the woods yesterday, and he managed to steal another one last night. This is becoming something like ‘Caddyshack’ with Bill Murray and the gophers…


Weekend Corona post – ‘high tide/low tide’


Armstead Snow Mo-bile.

This is actually pretty impressive tech.

Weekend Corona post – ‘SPF 9 1/2′