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2006 Ford GT video

If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s GT40 week at FYI!
Likely more than you ever wanted to know about a Ford supercar…

This is the last GT post, I promise.

FORD GT / GT Tungsten

Now, fast forward to the 2006 Ford GT. A modern rendition of the original GT40, in both spirit and performance. The GT has a 550hp supercharged V8. It’s bigger and heavier than the vintage racer – yet manages to maintain both proportion and capability. An impressive accomplishment considering what the original GT40 represented. 1968 vs. 2006… This is a mid-engine 200+ mph racecar, that you can buy and drive on public roads. One of the [few] great examples of what an American car company can accomplish when they ‘get it right’.An instant modern classic.

1968 Ford GT40 video

Ford GT40 Top Gear

Le Mans 1966

The Victory Of GT40 At LeMans 1966

1968 Ford GT40

My favorite vintage race car of all time.. the 1968 Ford GT40. The most bad-ass car ever built in America. The GT40 name was derived from the fact that the roof line was only 40 inches (101.6cm) above the pavement! Back in the early 1960’s Henry Ford (jr) attempted to purchase Ferrari, and in the 11th hour Enzo backed out of the deal. Henry decided to just beat Ferrari at their own game instead. In 1963 Ford set up a special projects group to do just that. This is the Ford that beat Farrari; The pick-up-truck-company that beat Ferrari! The GT40 won Le Mans – the most demanding road race in the world – in 1966, and again in 1967, and again in 1968, and again in 1969. Ending the consecutive dominance of Ferrari at Le Mans.The 1968 Mark I had a 4.9 L V8 with 425 hp. Although the 4.9L was over 100hp less than the previous 7.0L GT40’s that won in ’66 and ’67, it was lighter and faster. The top speed on the Mulsanne straight was 220mph! Now stop and think about that… 220 mph/350kph on 1968 tire technology, with cowboy aerodynamics – In the rain, in the dark, with the sun in your eyes, AND for 24 hours straight (changing drivers). Now also consider that there was no safety beyond a seat belt. The drivers actually sat with the fuel tank wrapped around them!

Weekend Corona post.

Human Skateboard.

Shawn Stussy’s Joint…

After a long-term sabbatical, Shawn has resurfaced back into the underground. He’s been quietly building a new design studio, and kicking around ideas purely for personal mandate.
The studio has a good vibe, and is fresh while at the same time full of history. SS is opening a new chapter, and it will be fun to see the studio evolve over the next few years..
I have to say; Shawn knows how to live life. I really admire his decision to check out of the rat race for the prime years of life with his family. It’s almost ‘un-American’, to step off the bus when on top of your game.. Easier said than actually done.
Check out the stacks of Shawn’s original surfboard shaping templates..

A new shaping room was the first build-out of the studio..

Shawn really lives by this mantra. He’s not trying to take over the world, or build an empire. He’s just doing his own thing. It doesn’t get anymore pure than that.
Huge respect.


Shawn Stussy’s new label; S/Double.
The S/Double site has yet to post, but you can check out Shawn’s blog.
Shawn has a classic, clean, and timeless style. Check out some of his goods..
Only available through S/Double’s new flagship store…
…which you can’t even find unless you know a guy that knows a guy.

[ak] underground – Yoshinari Uemura

a.k.a UE!
perspective: left foot first.
orientation: 20 degrees front, -5 back @ 58cm
milage: started riding Supporo Japan in 1990
co-consipirator: Erina Uemura
favorite snack: gummies
format: 2-stroke
favorite color: arctic cat
preference: freeriding and mountain riding with a little freestyle mix
motto: ARIGATO!
dis-likes: negativity.
movie: Ue_snowboarder
Although, Ue-san usually looks like this on the mountain…
TR, SB, UE, HF in Hokkaido.
Here is the trailer for UE_Snowboarder. The first snowboard movie in Japan focused on just one rider. It’s comprised of footage from 1995-2007.

2009 [ak] LZ Down

The 2009 AK LZ Down jacket. Buttery light weight baffled down interior with a fully seam-taped Gore-Tex exterior! This is the best insulated jacket I’ve used. Every time the weather turns foul the LZ comes out.
Highly recommended.

2009 SoCal Moto – Team Burrito.

FYI- SoCal moto 2009 Team Burrito from tom routh on Vimeo.

Fun stuff.

[ak] underground – Dave Basterrechea

a.k.a. daveB!

alias: cheetah dave
perspective: goofy foot
orientation: 15 degrees front, -7 degrees back
mileage: dropping in since 1987
co-conspirator: Vanessa Stark
favorite snack: V’s Energy Balls
format: 2-stroke
favorite color: ski-doo
preference: big mountain gnar
motto: get’er done!
dis-likes: heli-stress
income: owner of Cheetah Factory Racing

CFR makes the rack systems 95% of backcountry snomo-skiers and boarders use to mount their boards on their sleds. Dave has been building these racks for years now, and they are pretty much bullet-proof. Mounting your board on your sled takes a lot of weight off your back, and allows you to thread through tight trees that your board would hang up on; if you were carrying it horizontal on your back. The racks are crucial for serious sled access riding.
Cheetah Dave is a big mtn. ripper that slipped over the border and set up shop in Pemberton.. and never looked back.
Always gett’ner done… and always late for dinner.

Boys and their toys.

Great video…